watch out for this nigeria youngest millionaire who is showing off his 30 million car online.

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Young Nigerian boy moves to Malaysia for a better life

– The self-proclaimed millionaire shared photos of himself posing by his first car

– The 2016 Masarati car which he calls his own is said to be worth at lease N30 million

Christmas has come a little early for self-proclaimed millionaire young man who allegedly spent N30M to purchase his dream car. Drescott Isaac Godwin is a young man with huge dreams and getting a Maserati or in reality, posing by one is how to live the good life.

Photos of the young man has been circulating around the internet after he left the shores of Nigeria to Malaysia for the better life.

The secondary school student has become a big man posing by luxurious cars, calling it his very own bad toy.

Drescott Isaac in Nigeria as a student Source: Facebook, Drescott Isaac Godwin
Drescott shared the photos on social media. Letting friends and family know of his stunting life in Malaysia.

Young millionaire posing by expensive car Source: Facebook, Drescott Isaac Godwin
As he posed by a 2016 Maserati said to be worth over N30M, he captioned it “My first car,” showing the world that the only problem he has is having too much money.

Drescott posing by his dream car Source: Facebook, Drescott Isaac Godwin
Godwin also officially stated his squad when he hash-tagged 30 billion gang in his post where he advised people on how life and wealth works and what his general hustle spirit is about.