Northernes Flee South East as IPOB Set Mosque,Shops On Fire

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Apparently afraid of reprisal attacks, northerners in the South East have started fleeing in droves. It was observed in Aba, Owerri and Onitsha northerners are boarding trailers heading to the North. As a result, most of the business they dominate are now having Igbo operators.

A visit to the cattle market,Waterside Ogborhill Aba, showed that northerners, who sell onions and tomatoes, are no longer there. Also, northern shoe makers, nail cutters and suya vendors are not in sight.

Northerners, who work as gatemen in different compounds and companies have also left Onitsha.

In a related development, the ever busy Hausa quarters (aka Ama Hausa) along Douglas Road, Owerri, Imo State, is now a shadow of itself, following the exodus of Hausa families.

It was  gathered that women and children of northern origin have been sent home for safety, while the men (Husbands) remain to monitor the situation.

Suya sellers of northern origin were seen at their business posts at Ama Hausa and the Central Mosque area. At Mbaise Road/Douglas Junction Owerri, selling their wares.

Mallam Maggai Mohamed, a father of seven, said he has no option but to remain Owerri, to continue his lace business in order to feed his family.

“To me, I believe I have no problem with anybody in area having lived here for more than 40 years. It will not be easy for me to adjust if I relocated to my home state, Sokoto State. The Igbo have been