After Nysc what next?

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The scheme Nysc base on logistics was propagated by the then military head of state yakubu Gowon as part of the 3Rs policy aimed at reconstructing,rehabilitating and reconciling the ethnics group in Nigeria after the civil war in 1970.

Since then till date every graduate citizen of Nigeria notwithstanding his place of graduation whether home or abroad is meant to undergo a one year compulsory national youth are not regarded as a graduate in Nigeria if you have not done and completed your national youth service.

Many prospect or graduate waste up to two to three years at home after graduation for his name to be shortlisted among those to be mobilised within the streams and batch’s as the case maybe.

Within this waiting year, many reject employment and skill acquisition programs because they believe it will be a waste of time since they will soon be called up for youth service.profitable ventures and businesses are abandoned just for the sake of nysc hence many end up in the house 2 to 3 years doing nothing .

Then fortunately if the individual is mobilised most time they send you to a state that you will have to spend three days on the road to reach,spending approximately over 20000 for transport just for a monthly stipend or allawee as is popularly called of 19800 with bank charges of 2500 you end up with 17300.

Lucky ones are posted to a better ppa which help them to develop themselves and acquire more experience while others find themselves in a squallow, vindictive and strenous environment where life is squeezed out of them in the name of service with little or no monthly pay to go home with  .

Many lost their lives in the process,for instance a friend of mind  onyedikachi Michael  moc who left ABA on Saturday 29 April heading to jalingo in taraba state where he was posted almost lost his life in the hands of armed robbers who robbed them everything they had,he was left stranded ,thank God he was not hurt but what if something had happened to him.many have died through the same process in the name of Nysc.

In Katsina here where am serving ,many corpers Lodge have been attacked with many female corpers raped.

  1. Then after successfully completing the hurdle through God grace you found out that you are left with nothing, money you could not safe,not professional certificate you are left with Nysc certificate which can’t even give you job .

You discover that you are back in square one .then the question that calls to mind is after Nysc what next.

To be continued