senators agree to donate N30,0000 each for IDPS.

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Members of the upper legislative chamber have
agreed to donate N300,000 each to internally
displaced persons (IDPs) in the northeast.
This was after a debate on the humanitarian crisis in the
In a motion on Tuesday, Bashir Gabai, a senator from
Borno central, recalled that on November 17, 2015, the
senate raised the amount proposed by the executive in
the budget for IDPs from N6bn to 10bn, in recognition of
the magnitude of the crisis.
However, he said that there had been “no tangible result
on the ground despite the release of half of the money
Gabai alleged that “rather than use the money
appropriated for the IDPs and the northeast to
ameliorate the problems, the focus of the disbursement
so far made has been used to feather other interest”,
He therefore called on the senate to constitute an adhoc
committee to ascertain how much had been released to
the presidential initiative on the northeast and how these
funds had been utilised from inception to date.
He also asked the senate to investigate the diversion of
grains and other food items meant for IDPs from
strategic grain reserves.
After a debate on the motion, the senate agreed to do
more than just investigate by donating money to the
Speaking on the motion, Senate President Bukola Saraki
described the humanitarian crisis as an outcome of
“poor coordination, slow response and monumental

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