Recession,federal plans 6.8trillion budget for 2017

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The Federal Government plans to spend an estimated
N6.812tn as its budget for 2017.
The figure is about 13.3 per cent or N806bn above the
N6.06tn budgeted for 2016.

These details were contained in the 2017-2019 Medium-
Term Expenditure Framework and Fiscal Strategy Paper,
which President Muhammadu Buhari forwarded to the
National Assembly on Tuesday.

The President wrote to the Speaker of the House of
Representatives, Mr. Yakubu Dogara, attaching the MTEF
and the FSP documents.

He explained that he was complying with the provisions of
the Fiscal Responsibility Act 2007, adding that his action
meant that the details of the 2017 budget would soon be
laid before the legislature.

Part of his letter read, “Pursuant to the provisions of the
Fiscal Responsibility Act 2007, the preparation towards the
submission of the 2017 budget to the National Assembly is
progressing well.

“The MTEF and the FSP, which provide the framework for
the development of the 2017 budget, were designed
against the backdrop of the generally adverse global
economic environment, as well as fiscal challenges in the
domestic economy.”
The documents also indicated the government’s intention
to continue to provide for the needs of vulnerable people
in the coming year.

“Thus, the recurrent (non-debt) expenditure and capital
payments are projected to increase in nominal terms by
N217.42bn and N177.6bn, respectively in 2017 over the
2016 estimates, “ the government said.

It stated that the aim of the 2017 budget was to “restore
the economy to a sustainable, inclusive growth path” by
laying emphasis on job creation and private-sector

The documents projected a GDP growth of 3.02 per cent in
2017, while inflation was “expected to moderate to 12.92
per cent.”
Its assumptions on crude oil production indicated
2.2mbpd in 2017; 2.3mbpd in 2018; and 2.4mbpd in 2019.
On the benchmark, it projected $42.5 per barrel for 2017
budget; and $45 for 2018. For 2019, the figure was put at
For the exchange rate, the government pegged it at N290
per dollar.

“It is also based on an average growth in employment and
labour productivity, as well as an average gross fixed
capital formation of 9.41 per cent of the GDP,” it stated.
The House did not make any comments on the documents
on Tuesday.

But, as it is the tradition, copies will be distributed to all
members to study before debates will start in the days

The requirement of law is that the MTEF and FSP must be
approved by the National Assembly before the budget is
laid by the President.

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