forget about relationship if you believe in these things.

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These relationship myths are quite common and have
been said over and over again, it’s no wonder most of

But keeping up in this belief will hold you back from the love
and romance you desire with the man or woman who is
truly right for you.
So, what are these lies?

Giving is equal to receiving

There isn’t nothing farther from the truth.
If you want to remain happy in your relationship, marital or
marriage-intended, you need to understand that one
spouse, one partner always gives more than the other.

That’s how it is in most relationships, and speaking from
personal experience and that of those really close to me, it
is better to realise which if the couple you are, and be
perfectly ok with it.

The only problem, though, is if you are giving a lot of
everything you have, and receiving significantly too little for
your efforts, then I think your anger and show if discontent
might be justified.

Dating must lead to marriage.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a myth and you should know
better than getting sucked into it.
Yes, I know what your pastors told you last Sunday, and at
all the singles programmes you’ve attended in your church
and mosque.

Fall in love with a man and get married after a while, so say
your parents, too.
Sadly, this is not true and don’t fall into that sham- it is not a
rule set in stone

Of course, dating and relationships will definitely lead to
marriage, but not all dating lead to marriage.
So get your head out of the clouds, [especially you, ladies]
and stop building lofty dreams with every guy that comes

Take your time, enjoy the relationship and let it grow into
commitment, and later marriage.
This is because anything can happen. Anything actually
happens most times.

Showing your feelings will scare them away
There’s a lie that has used and repeated at every turn – show
too much emotion and the guy will take you for granted or
leave you altogether.

This is especially applicable to women, and it’s totally sad
that several women ladies run by this rule.
That this happened to one woman does not mean it is a rule
of dating.

I mean, many of us [Yes, I said we because I am in this
category, too] love emotive, expressive women who are not
scared or too shy to open up their hearts and love freely. It
inspires us to love deeper, too.

I really can’t explain how that works, but best believe that I
am speaking the mind of several guys [your boyfriend’s
included] as I type these words.

Bottom line is men love women that show emotion, it is
drama we most often hate.

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