biafrans hopes for justice as Nnamdi kalu heads to ECOWAS court.

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Biafrans all over the world are hopeful that justice shall prevail as their
leader, Nnamdi Kanu, goes to ECOWAS Community Court of Justice
Today the 5th of October, 2016.

They are enthusiastic that their leader will appear before a more
competent court of jurisdiction and before honest judges who would not
soil their hands with corruption but deliver good judgement without
fear nor favour.

Their leader who is civilized and abhors corruption and lawlessness will
stand before a lawful judge who adheres to rule of law and respects
human rights
Nigeria founded on lawlessness has proven to be incapable of
discharging justice hence Biafrans are eager to opt out of this
lawlessness and build a country where equity, justice and rule of law
shall reign.
Nigerian leaders are afraid that Nigeria is on the verge of collapse hence
they would stop at nothing to keep the forced cohesion thriving.
They have trampled on the rights of Indigenous People of Biafra to
enforce Nigeria’s oneness as they have citing that Nigeria’s unity is
superior to any people’s right or freedom.

Because Nigeria was not founded as a country through a collective
majority decision and this compression of different sets of people
together against their individual wills is favouring a particular region at
the expense and detriment of another, they have recklessly abandoned
the rule of law, the constitutional provisions of the state, the tenets of
democracy, civilization and international resolutions to make sure their
selfish interests are protected.

But the international community is expected to back up her resolutions
with actions in cases of defaulting but unfortunately the Nigerian
government is abusing the internationally declared rights of Indigenous
People without international sanctions on her (Nigeria).

Many Human Rights Organizations have decried the high level of
human rights abuses perpetrated by the Nigerian government through
her security agencies against the citizens of the country and mostly the
Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB).
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL has many documents of such abuses
and crimes against IPOB and has made several press releases to that

Despite all the press statements, United Nations is yet to call President
Buhari to order. Probably waiting for war to kick off so that relief
materials would be sent and refugees accommodated.
On the 2nd of October, 2016, International Society for Civil Liberties
and Rule of Law registered their displeasure in an open letter directed to
the Attorney General of the Nigerian Federation, Abubakar Malami, on
how the lawless security agencies, especially the DSS, have abandoned
the 1999 constitution and rule of law since May 2015 when Rtd Gen.
Muhamadu Buhari took over Nigeria’s mantle of leadership.

In the letter titled “Arbitrary Detentions By Buhari’s DSS, The 1999
Constitution Wails As Nigeria Turns 56”, (see link http://
buharis.html) they decried how security agencies in Nigeria have
seriously threatened, undermined, disrespected and battered rule of law,
democracy and constitutionalism by embarking on illegal arrest,
detentions, executions and suppression of IPOB members who pose no
threats to anyone according to Amnesty International
Coming to Nnamdi Kanu’s case, it is no news how Nigerian government
under Muhamadu Buhari has influenced Justice John Tsoho into
lawlessness too.

It is on record how President Muhamadu Buhari climbed the seat of a
judge during his maiden media chat of December 2015 and Justice John
Tsoho denied Nnamdi Kanu bail following the same reasons Buhari had
It is also distinct how Justice John Tsoho gave two contradictory
judgements for which he(Tsoho) decided to hands off Nnamdi Kanu’s
case having been accused of corruption with investigations going on at
tables of NJC.

In which ruling he judged that masquerades would not testify against
Nnamdi Kanu in court but later changed his mind, without proper
appealing, and counter-ruled that witnesses should hide behind a screen.
Therefore, it is obvious how hard it is for Nnamdi Kanu to get justice in
Nigeria’s court without international community compelling Nigeria to
do so.

But hopes are up for Biafrans as more civilized and honest people have
intervened for the purpose of serving justice. People who hold fast their
integrity hence would not allow their sound reasoning and conscience to
be bought by desperate Buhari who would stop at nothing to keep
Nnamdi Kanu jailed and Biafra in chains.
Therefore, I am optimistic likewise other Biafrans that ECOWAS Court
of Justice will discharge good judgement seeing that they ignored
Nigerian government when she asked them (ECOWAS) to strike out
Kanu’s case.
And with Justice Jerome Traore, a man of high integrity, as the
president of ECOWAS Court of Justice, justice is sure .

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